Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate

With Travel Authorization Certificate, an Indonesian is allowed to stay 14 days in Taiwan as long as he/she meets certain requirements below :

  • Passport is valid for six months from the date of arrival in Taiwan
  • Applicants must have a round trip plane ticket or ship ticket
  • The applicant has never been employed as a factory worker/laborer in Taiwan
  • Have at least one of the visas issued by United States of America/Canada/United Kingdom/Japan/Australia/New Zealand/South Korea/Schengen countries and the EU/Taiwan Non-Work

Notes :

  1. Applicants are allowed to submit request maximum 6 times a year
  2. For holders of visas, resident cards or permanent resident cards from United States of America, Canada, England, European Union Schengen, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Korea which already expired, the expiry date must not be more than 10 years;
  3. For those who use a Japanese or Korean visa as the supporting document for applying for an E-visa, they are required to attach proof of entry to Japan or South Korea stated in their passport.
  4. For those who use an Australian or New Zealand electronic visa as the supporting document for applying for an E-visa, it is mandatory that the electronic visa is still valid.
  5. For those who use Taiwanese documents as the basis for applying for an E-visa, they cannot use the PMI visa type or the Guanhong program.
Time needed to process your application once submitted.
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Stay period for each visit.
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Required documents
Documents marked with * are mandatory
Copy of your passport

With at least 6 months of validity


Provide information about your current occupation

Your address in Indonesia

Please write down your full address in Indonesia, including accommodation name and postal code if applicable

Real Inbound and Outbound Ticket

Provide us your inbound and outbound flight/ship ticket to/from the destined country

Address in Destination Country

Provide detail address of your stay in destination country along with the post code

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